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TSOP Welcomes YOU!

At TSOP, we’re proud to offer high-quality Biblical instruction designed to help you strengthen your relationship with God, deepen your faith in Christ and love others by sharing the gospel with them.


Investing your time and energy to know God and His Will for your life is an investment in eternity! We understand we are in different phases of life so there are many study options!


Don't delay! Pray & Walk in faith!

Adrian J. Ayers

Adrian J. Ayers - Minister

(Alumni - 2 year Certificate Program Graduate)

The TSOP has a strong emphasis on sound biblical teaching which gave me a solid framework to pursue my calling in ministry. Its commitment to training dedicated students to study and share God’s word has been the springboard that fuelled my devotion to biblical scholarship and faithful service. The multicultural setting of Trinidad and Tobago also provides a unique environment that prepares students to function in diverse cultures throughout the world. As an institution that has trained many kingdom workers, TSOP offers a firm foundation for those who desire to do work God’s work wherever they are called.             

Enrolled as: Secondary School Graduate

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Study Options

  • Congregational Study
    Congregational Study
    The location will be discussed with you.
    This is an in-depth study available for the entire congregation as you learn and grow together spiritually. These lessons are tailored to each congregation as each body of believers has different struggles and gifts.
  • Diploma
    Panco Lane church of Christ
    Study with us for 2 years! A total of 52 courses
  • Certificate
    Panco Lane church of Christ
    Study with us for 1 year! A total of 27 courses
  • Degree
    Panco Lane church of Christ
    Study with us for 3 years! A total of 56 courses
Trinidad School of Preaching - TSOP

Trinidad School of Preaching - TSOP

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